Fashion Design Sketch

Fashion and design are all about art. Creativity, imagination, and innovation cannot lack in the artistic process of fashion designing.Many people have used these three to become the best fashion designers in the world. It all begins in their beautiful minds where they start imagining the fashion sketches.For one to become the best fashion designer, it must be first seen in their fashion sketches. That is why it is vital for fashion beginners to learn how to draw fashion design sketches.There are certain tricks that one can employ when drawing sketches that will perfectly illustrate the designer’s vision and desires for the design.

Have a clear Picture Of what you want in mind :

You cannot embark on a journey of drawing fashion if you have no clear vision of what you want in your mind.You should have precise factors and features in mind. Remember, sketches should show the exact design of apparel that you want. Whether for males, females, the young, or the old, you must make it clear. This will also ensure that there is no confusion in the process.When you draw sketches, the sole purpose is to bring out what is in your mind. If you have no mental clarity, your outward illustration will not be sufficient.

Preparation :

You will need a drawing pad and an appropriate drawing pencil. Using pens is not advisable because it will be difficult to erase any marks made on the drawing.While preparing, you will also have to decide on the pose for your croquis. The croquis is typically the model that will be presenting your design.There are different poses you can choose from. The croquis can be sitting, standing, walking, bending r any other position. Even so, as a beginner, it is advisable that you go with the basic pose which is standing on the runway. This is less complicate.

Draw your croquis :

The beauty of drawing your croquis is the freedom to have your specifications. After choosing the nature of your croquis, you can start by drawing the balance line.The balance line will give the croquis the center of gravity. It needs to be straight and vertical. You can then add an oval shape to form the head.After the head, you can go ahead and draw the pelvic region by drawing a square in the pelvic area. If the hips of the croquis will be tilted, you can tilt the square to the respective side. Now, draw the torso and remember to bend the lines inwards at the waist area.Continue extending the torso to the shoulders. Draw a horizontal line to join one end of the torso line to the other in the shoulder region. The waist is also drawn using a horizontal line.

Draw your clothes and the accessories on the croquis :

Now that your croquis is ready, your next move will be drawing the clothes and accessories. You what you want to design to the last detail. Therefore, put it down the best way possible. Whether it is a dress, a top, a skirt, and blouse, or trouser and blouse, draw them appropriately.You can add finer details like patterns, texts, or ruffles. It will depend on what you want. The image should also illustrate the kind of fabric you will use.Do this by showing how the clothes will lie on the body. Light fabrics look as though they are blowing while thicker fabrics will not.Take note to make the clothes look as though they are hanging on the croquis. Add sequins as well as buttons to achieve a realistic look.

Do not forget to color your illustration :

Color is very powerful when adding a final touch to your illustration. It brings life to the clothes drawn. After creating the drawing, erase the lines you used to shape the body and ink the lines you will keep.Use the colors you want on the clothes so that the illustration can become as real as possible.

Make flats :

This is an amazing way of viewing what your design will look like when placed on a flat surface. In as much as you have seen how it looks on a croquis, you should have a clear picture of how it will look on a flat surface.This will show you whether it conforms to your imaginations or not.

See whether your design is as excellent on paper as it is in your mind :

After coming to the end of the fashion design sketching, take a moment to analyze your end product. Everything is in place now. But the question is this, ‘is it as good as you pictured it?’ as mentioned earlier, the whole purpose of a fashion sketch is to bring out what is in your mind.If you have done so successfully, then well done. If not, try again by following the steps listed here until you get it right.